Monday, 20 November 2017

Minor/Major Project: The Yeti - Studies and Initial Sketches

Yeti influence map.
Yetis are usually portrayed as vicious creatures or large, friendly primates with human faces. The real life animal I consider to be closest to the yeti is the gorilla - incredibly strong, with something human in its face. The way gorillas move is also something I will study when drawing the yeti.

I imagine the yeti to have the long arms of a gorilla that it uses to sprint on all fours when hunting, but will otherwise spend most of its time walking upright. Walking on all fours also makes climbing mountains and moving through snow easier.

I am unsure yet if I want the yeti to appear to be a kindly creature (e.g. sketch 2) or a creature with an aggressive, threatening appearance that is, in reality, peaceful and only attacks when provoked (sketch4). I like sketches 3 and 4 out of these, and may sketch something that combines the two.