Monday, 20 November 2017

Minor/Major Project: A Slight Change in Direction

After talking with Phil today about my goals for this project, an issue came about the possibility of my project becoming disconnected. The journal, animation and poster seemed to be three separate pieces that people would have to jump between, rather than a whole, complete piece of work. 

Phil suggested presenting my work as an interactive book, which (though I wouldn't be able to create a fully realised interactive book) would take my project from being made up of multiple parts to being one, easy to understand video. The video would show how the book would work if made into something people could view on computers or iPads.

Images in the book could be tapped/clicked to zoom in, and sections of text can be clicked in order to hear them read out by a voice actor whilst the viewer interacts with the rest of the page. Some images will open as videos, showing 3D animations of the creature they are currently reading about.

The end result would be a fully written book (created digitally) with a video showing a select few pages and how they would work when interacted with.

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Example of an Alice in Wonderland interactive book.

Examples of interactive apps for poetry and books:

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  1. Yes - suddenly it seems as if everything you're doing can be 'everything we're reading' - it also means you can involve voice artists, sound design (you can have an archive of monsters' roars and warbles, for example). It can draw everything into the centre :)