Saturday, 25 November 2017

Interim Crit 24/11/17 - Reflective Statement

In many ways, I was worried about how this crit would go, as I still had several creatures left in need of designs that I hadn't drawn anything for yet. However, the crit went quite well and I received positive feedback that I can use to spur me further into the project. 

I was advised to focus on the creatures that I will be modelling as it is more important to get those finished and begin building them in 3D as soon as possible. The designs for the other creatures will be quicker and can be done in my free time over Christmas, as I can get feedback on them via my blog. I can also use this time to write Adelaide's journal entries and begin planning the book.

Some things I need to consider:

  • Whether or not I should have coloured designs for my creatures, even though they will appear in black and white/sepia in the book (I was planning on Adelaide using watercolours for more elaborately coloured creatures, e.g. the river mumma).
  • Whether the animations should show the creatures in enclosures built for them by Adelaide and her team, or just an empty space.
  • If creating enclosures, how much interaction the creatures should have with things within it (e.g. the man-eating tree seedling eating a mouse, the bukavac emerging from a pool, etc.).
  • Characters Adelaide will meet on her travels.
  • Researching travel times and methods of travel in different parts of the world during the late 1800s/early 1900s.
Overall I'm excited to dive further into this project, and produce a successful outcome. 

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