Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Minor/Major Project: Wendigo - Movement

In order to better design the wendigo, I feel I need to understand how the creature would move. In order to do this I've looked at various horror films and games that feature humanoid creatures with similarities to the wendigo.

Javier Botet - An actor with Marfan Syndrome whose hypermobility, thin build, and towering height has earned him roles in several horror films (e.g. Mama (2013) and It (2017)).
Javier in  [•REC] (2007)

Mama (2013) movement tests.

Moving on All Fours:
People attempting to run on all fours.
Humans are not built to walk around on all fours, the way we are built does not allow us to comfortably so without some practice. The wendigo in my story, however, has morphed in such a way that allows it to. Looking at this gif from the film Mama, we see the monster using its feet and knees to move, its head moved forward in a way that would be uncomfortable for a person. Below that, in a gif from Legion, the monster moves on its feet and hands, its forearms and shins having taken on a more vigorous elongation than the rest of its body. 

Mama (2013).
The Ice Cream Man from Legion (2010).
The Ice Cream Man doesn't crouch down as far as far as Mama does, moving more like a gorilla instead. The video below, showing a part of the game Until Dawn in which multiple wendigos attack the protagonists, they crouch down as low as Mama, but don't use their knees. The wendigos in this tend to walk upright, but go down on all fours to move faster.

Wendigo's in Until Dawn (2015)

They also have very spider-like movements, moving across large gaps quickly and scaling walls. Their arms still appear to be shorter than their legs, so they would need to have some hypermobility that allows them to crawl so low to the ground and have their heads facing completely forward. The wendigos in my story I want to make more deformed, though would have some similarities to the ones in Until Dawn

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  1. okay... so this is a disturbing post! Love those movement tests for Mama.