Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Minor/Major Project: A Walk in Blean Woods - Further Work on the Leshy

During my talk with Alan on Friday, he suggested I find inspiration in nature to study and better understand the creatures I was trying to bring to life. An example was to study trees for the Leshy, and try to find faces in the bark. On Monday, I went for a walk in Blean Woods near Canterbury for inspiration.

This was one face I saw in the bark, so I took a picture and drew around where I could see eyes, a nose and mouth.

There was an area with 3 fallen trees, with incredibly interesting roots. Again I attempted to outline the faces I could see within. This is also a good example of how the Leshy's feet would look, as I pictured them to be like uprooted plants, as though he could root himself into the ground if he stood still long enough.

The branches on this oak are how I imagined the Leshy's horns to look.

The Leshy is described as pale, so it made sense to base some of his attributes of birch trees which are naturally white.

The roots of this uprooted tree were tangled and bound in dirt, something I could incorporate into the Leshy's design.

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