Friday, 14 October 2016

Character Design: Steampunk

In Tuesday's character design class, we were each given a genre and told to come up with three characters with different roles that could fit within it. I was given the genre Steampunk, and my three characters are an inventor/mechanic, a robot ruler, and a young boy who scavenges parts for the mechanic.
Rough ideas for the mechanic/inventor.
The mechanic - An older woman who builds and repairs robots, as well as making and mending prosthetic limbs for people from robot scraps.
Robot ruler - Wears clothing to seem more human, but leaves large parts exposed. Has spiderwebs and dust on them from spending long periods of time not moving.
Scavenger boy - One way for the poorer community in this world to make a living is to find and sell old metal parts to mechanics/inventors. 

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