Sunday, 2 October 2016

Character Project: Initial Ideas + Changes After Discussion With Alan

Scrapped wildcards: Fantasy World, circus.

Initial ideas:

Retirement home: 
  • 2 old people -- friends or a couple.
Old man in wheelchair with broken leg (his own fault), wearing clothing one would expect on a much younger man. The wheelchair and leg cast are decorated wildly with stickers, badges and paint. The friend/wife of the man now spends her time wheeling him around in the wheelchair, somewhat thankful for it, as his lack of mobility surely means he will get up to less mischief (it doesn't).

  • Business - A group of ferrets is called a business -- ferrets having a meeting? It could happen.
  • Older space traveller with apprentice.
  • Old astronaut with trainee.
Older astronaut/traveller is disillusioned and unimpressed with space, has a space suit covered in badges saying things like "Gravity is a myth. The earth sucks" and "I have personal space issues". He's working with an apprentice/trainee, who is in awe of space and finds the old man's attitude annoying. The old man is in it for the money, while the apprentice/trainee is in it to make new discoveries.

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