Sunday, 27 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Phyllis

I did these sketches of how I imagine Phyllis to look using pencil and watercolours. I of course looked to Venice for inspiration for the houses and canals, then tried to make the city a jumbled mess of houses, canals, bridges and balconies. For number 28, I tried to draw it from the perspective of someone gazing up at the houses from the canals, and the houses hovering over them. I'm still trying to remind myself to "zoom out" more, so I'm able to put more of each city in each thumbnail.

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  1. Evening Eleanor - yes, zooming out is important so you can create a real sense of scope and scale: check out Lewis' recent posts - he created this very striking thumbnail with a nice sense of perspective and composition...

    and then used this drawing as a 'seed' thumbnail for creating a more zoomed out composition:

    It's often difficult - in the abstract imagination - to get a sense of scale so perhaps think about 'building up' your next set of compositions using extending drawings as a method.