Tuesday, 8 March 2016

@Phil: Story Idea

After discussing ideas today and some further research, this is currently where I am with my story. I would like some feedback before I begin writing the script.

  • Begins with the immune system knight, patrolling the area. A clawed hand reaches over the knights shoulder and the screen goes black.
  • An antibiotic knight arrives on the scene, an hexagon shape on their chest. They can see the sky changing from it's usual pink, to red, to bright green.
  • Seeing the bacteria, they charge at it, killing it instantly.
  • Turning away from the bacteria, assuming the battle won, a larger, mutated bacteria grows from the dead one's body, a hexagon on its chest. It looms over the knight before killing them.
  • Two more knights arrive, triangles on their chests. They attack the large bacteria, one impaling it with a spear. 
  • The bacteria staggers, before removing the spear, and growing into an even larger bacteria with a triangle on its chest. It kills the knights.
  • Three more knights are sent in, with diamonds on their chests. The environment has almost completely changed to a sickening green colour.
  • The three knights try to attack the bacteria, two are struck down quickly.
  • The bacteria grows again into a far larger beast, a diamond formed on its chest.
  • It raises it's claw, and quickly strikes down the remaining antibiotic.
  • The bacteria begins moving deeper into the environment, the sky turning green, the vein-like trees becoming withered and black.
  • On its way, the bacteria comes across a single white rock in the landscape. As it gets closer, the rock levitates and opens to reveal one more knight -- the super antibiotic.
  • As the bacteria goes to attack the knight, it explodes.
  • The blast destroys the powerful bacteria, but leaves destruction in its wake; the vein-like trees have broken in half or been flattened, and a large scar has been left in the antibiotic's place.
  • The sky turns to red, though there is still some green left in the distance.
I found that assigning the name of real antibiotics to the antibiotic knights didn't work, as it just made the story increasingly inaccurate without adding more bacteria. I need the animation to be both interesting to watch and educational, and I'm not confident the story shows that.

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  1. I think this story communicates really well, Eleanor - the principle of the scenario is conveyed clearly. I think you need to get 'voicing' this now :)