Monday, 14 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Post-Pitch Reflection

I received a lot of useful feedback after my pitch, and feel very confident about the remaining work I need to do. Some of the feedback I received was:

  • No need to add any narration -- Narration might take away focus from the animation, and it was clear enough without a narrator. 
  • More bacteria -- Especially at the beginning, show lots of small bacteria invading, with the one that survives mutating and destroying the antibiotic.
  • Add to ending -- During the final scene showing the ruined landscape, show that the bacteria can still resist the powerful antibiotic - perhaps with a gigantic claw reaching out of the rubble. 
  • Start work in Maya -- create characters, think about how textures and lighting are going to work.
  • Sound -- Needs work, but I managed to make the atmosphere eerie and scary.

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