Sunday, 17 January 2016

@Phil - From Script to Screen: Story Idea #3

After some thought and reading over suggestions from Phil, I have thought of another story idea:

  • A large factory filled with fortune teller machines, each one with a glowing crystal ball balanced on a see-saw like device.
  • The crystal balls tilt back and forth; tilting all the way to the left for good fortune, and all the way to right for bad.
  • One crystal tilts all the way to the right, the machine lights up red, and the mechanical fortune teller inside stops functioning.
  • The fortune teller running the factory (also mechanical) approaches the machine and removes the crystal ball. Looking into it, she can see a man lying in a hospital bed.
  • Approaching a larger see-saw device, she places the crystal ball in the center and watches as it once again tilts all the way to the right.
  • She picks it up, and removes her plastic face, revealing the mechanical skeleton-like one underneath. Looking at the ball, the already dimming light fades completely, turning black.
  • She replaces her plastic face, cradles the ball in both hands until it begins to glow again. Looking into it, she can see a baby.
  • She places the crystal ball back in the fortune teller machine, which restarts, and the crystal ball goes back to tilting.


  1. I don't quite get it... something interesting here though? What's the story in a nutshell?

    1. I forgot to mention each crystal ball representing a life. They tilt back and forth on the see-saw devices until something happens and the person is close to death, at which point the other fortune teller takes them to the larger see-saw to see if there is any chance of saving them. If the answer is no, they remove the life from the crystal to make way for another. It's still very rough...