Tuesday, 2 February 2016

@Phil - From Script to Screen: Slight Change in Story

I've been thinking about how to change the part of the story where the machines shut down in order for it to make more sense to the audience, and have come up with this:

  • Instead of simply forcing the crystal ball to move along the see-saw to the center, the Seer is unknowingly drawing power from the surrounding crystal balls, pulling the life from them.
  • As her favourite crystal moves to the center, the surrounding crystal balls smash suddenly, breaking the Seers concentration.
  • The person is saved, but she has to deal with the non-functioning machines immediately, before the other Seers notice.
  • Other machine's lights turn red for bad fortune (machines that hold the lives of family/friends of the people who have suddenly died) until most of the machines are either off or red.
  • She climbs stairs to reach the machines on the higher levels, it is then she sees the other Seers approaching her favourite crystal - one of the Seers points up at the main Seer accusingly, implying she saw what happened.
  • The ending is the same, she runs down the stairs to stop them, but is held back while another Seer destroys the crystal in an attempt to set things straight. It ends with the image of the broken crystal pieces on the ground.

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