Thursday, 4 February 2016

@Phil: From Script to Screen - The Seer's Fate

I liked the idea of the Seer being put in one of the machines as punishment for her actions, and have thought about it a little bit.

  • The story ends with the Seer being tied down to a chair in a dully lit room with empty machines.
  • The older Seer, who crushed the crystal ball, is shown picking up a needle from a tray of medical-looking equipment.
  • The Seer in the chair is visibly distressed. The older Seer walks in front of camera shot, the screen fading to black.
  • The final shot is the Seer, inside a machine, a crystal ball on a see-saw in front of her. Her mouth is sewn shut and her eyes have been replaced with false ones that light up, just like all the others. The camera zooms out, in much the same way it zooms in on the empty machine at the beginning, showing her to be one machine in a factory of millions.
This idea, if approved, will change my current ideas for the machines' design. I think it would be quite distressing to know by the end that all the machines are inhabited by Seers who are being punished.

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