Monday, 20 February 2017

Critical Perspectives - Dissertation Proposal OGR


  1. Emma Spence

    The title currently is very generalised and could be phrased more as a question.
    The chapter overview is pretty sparse.
    Some of Chapter 1 feels like ‘padding’- I don’t think you need all that overview of how traditionally mothers have been represented-although its most commonly discussed in relation to the renaissance and religious painting.
    I think you should look at John Berger’s book Ways of Seeing that has a section on the idea of image /icons- there are very powerful traditions in representation and associated ideologies that encourage us to represent mothers in a certain way…i.e. as stereotypes-
    The second chapter could be more critical if you discuss further the relevance of this theory to gaming- gaming tends to take as its inspiration the language of film- if so- more background here about gaming and gender representation would be relevant.
    You seem to be forgetting that what you need to do is put people like Judith Butler into context- I wonder if you miss a step and could do a bit more to look at Gaze Theory also- via visual culture and Laura Mulvey.
    Chapter 3 feels weaker at present and looks like an description/overview of a gaming series- you need to keep the debate going through until the end.
    Research is heading in the right direction- although some fundamentals around film history and the evolution of gaming are missing as well as general reading around digital media/culture and visual culture- in other words you probably need to broaden out your fundamental knowledge of the arena before honing back in to the specific case in point

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Kath. But, my name is Eleanor :)

  2. Chapter 1 examples: consider 'Melodrama & Mothering' as a case in point for Chapter 1 - Mildred Pierce, for example...