Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Minor/Major Project: List of Creatures (Final) and Direction of Travel

Locations to be visited and creatures found there:

London, England - Spring-Heeled Jack.
Suffolk, England - Black Shuck.
Loch Ness, Scotland - The Beast of Loch Ness.
Galway, Ireland - Fae.
Connemara, Ireland - Dobhar-chĂș.
Paris, France - Gargoyles.
The Danube River, Srem District, Serbia - Bukavac.
Masovia, Poland - Leshy.
Tehran, Persia (Iran) - Manticore.
Vittala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India - Yali.
Nepal, Himalayas - Yeti.
Yichang, Hubei, China - Dragons.
Luzon, Philippines - Tikbalang.
Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming, USA - Jackalope.
Northern Maine (nr. St John River), USA - Wendigo.
Pineland Ghost Town (name unknown), New Jersey, USA - Jersey Devil
Mandeville, Jamaica - Rolling Calf.
White River, Ocho Rio, Jamaica - River Mumma.
Northwestern Congolian lowland forest - J'ba Fofi.
Eastern Madagascar - Man-Eating Trees.

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