Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation B: Post-Crit Reflection

Overall, I feel the crit went well. I received good feedback, and was able to present something I was happy with, despite having left very little time to finish it. I understand that I must work faster in future in order to produce my best work, and I can also see that I'm more capable than I previously thought, especially in programs like Maya, which I tend to avoid using as long as I can. I plan to continue working on my model into the summer, and hopefully add a voice-over that I may use in a video of my model. I recognise that my strengths lie in drawing, but with hard work and determination I can become just as skilled in other aspects of my work.

This project has been an eye-opener, as I was required to be far more independent with my work, and learned new and sometimes more complicated methods of bringing my work to life in 3D. I feel far more prepared for 3rd year, and look forward to coming back to challenge myself with new projects in September.

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