Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Acting Class

Today our class began similarly to last week, with stretches and a short game of "Ninja" (featuring a couple of rogue 3rd years).

After this we began walking round the room making random and outlandish movements, then Dan would clap, and we'd stop, before continuing to move according to the pose we'd been stuck in. For instance, I ended up being a flamenco dancer and a gorilla.

After this, one person was told to make a pose, then another person would walk up and react to their pose before starting to act out a scene. During the scene, Dan would clap again, and the original person would sit down while another took the stage, and a new scene would begin based on the pose the standing person was in. These scenes ranged from duelling cowboys, cats being set on fire, and bank robberies. 

At the end of the class, objects were spread out across the floor. One person would leave the room while the group decided what object they should pick up and what they should do with it, e.g.: wear 2 coconut halves like a bra, waltz with a skateboard, place a bottle on their head like a unicorn, etc. The person would then return and attempt to work what they needed to do with each object. The group would clap as the person got closer to achieving their goal.

In more important news, team Wildcats have once again beaten Skarknado 5 in a game of throwing a rounded sometimes burger shaped object to one another. Go team!

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