Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Online Greenlight Review #1

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  1. OGR 03/03/2016

    Hi Eleanor,

    I find your concept paintings for this project very visually exciting - love that queasy clash of red and green. I'd like to the qualities of these paintings survive the translation into CGI, so no off-the-peg Maya texturing/lighting for you, I'm afraid! I like the 'George & The Dragon' motif; my brain is showing me a sort of climatic final scene, where we have the lone antibiotic knight on a wind-blasted plateau - he/we think he's defeated the beast, and then, rising up behind him, we see the new, huge antibiotic resistant dragon - it opens its mouth and then it charges towards him/us, and the camera goes black... I'm assuming somewhere in your piece you'll show how the knights represent different kinds of antibiotics? You could show their difference by giving them different ensigns or standards:

    You could use these flags to signify the different medication types as they 'go into battle' against the dragons.

    In terms of designing/developing your characters further, can I suggest you look at essentialising them even further in terms of their geometry etc. Take a look at yr 3 Danny Rollings current project in terms of characters comprising simple shapes with 'floating' limbs - thus doing without the need for more complex arrangements of arms and legs etc:

    My instincts are that a proper narrative voice-over is going to suit your approach here, which means not only getting all the science info into order, but also working up a relationship to language that suits your world - something a bit 'ye olde'? I'd be interested in hearing your ideas re. the approach to getting the info into your piece.