Saturday, 6 January 2018

Minor/Major Project: The Tikbalang - Influence and Initial Sketches

Tikbalang Influences

Quick sketches, thinking about leg length and the look of the head.

Head ideas.


  1. This is my favourite creature design of yours yet! I love it! I'm drawn to the dripping eyes and peeled back skin of 2 personally but 6's eyes are creepier :D

  2. I really like 2 3 and 5! I like the skin peeling back of the muzzle on 2 and bone face of 3, but love the gaunt cheeks of 3 :) I really do like the eyes of 6 too :)

  3. 5, 2 and 3 i like the most, I think just in general the decayed ones are more striking and give more of a reaction then the standard horse design from 1