Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Acting Class

Today in our acting class, we worked on how to make sure our movement and behaviour was clear to an audience to show a certain situation. We began by pairing off and acting out our morning routine, then gave each other feedback on how to improve, or make our actions more clear, before performing our morning routine to the whole class and seeing how well they understood what was happening. Later in the class, we had one person leave the room while another was given a situation they had to act out to the other using only actions in order for them to understand. These ranged from "your cat is stuck up a tree" to "I'm the president of an acting society and need you to sign this form to join our society". Needless to say, some of these were a little difficult to convey solely through movement, but we all got there in the end. 

It was a very fun class, and the skills we learn will be very useful when animating in the future. 

Also, thanks to Thomas for letting me take pictures of him today. 

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