Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation A: The Evolution of _____.

Initial ideas:

  1. Games/consoles.
  2. Cinema (or different film genres).
  3. Insults.
  4. Sex Toys.
  5. Language.
  6. An argument.
  7. A friendship.
  8. Fashion.
  9. Make-Up.
  10. A City.


  1. Hi - An I missing something? Where can I find your Maya and Film review submission Eleanor?

  2. Hi Eleanor

    Pitch Feedback

    An interesting and wide ranging list of topics Eleanor. I’m not sure which one(s) are your favourites but I’m guessing – to a degree - the answer to that is ‘how brave are you?’ given some of the subjects. All of these have ‘infographic’ potential (possibly driven by the phrase ‘evolution of’) but generally speaking they fall into two ‘production’ categories – Fictional and non-fictional. ‘Games, cinema, sex toys, language, fashion, make up, and a city’ fall into the factual category whilst ‘insults, argument, and friendship’ fall into the fictional category. Fictional means writing a script and making up ‘facts’ whilst factual means finding the facts and then making them less dry in visual terms. When choosing keep this in mind because if you can’t find the facts (because the subject is too broad) or imagine a script then drop the idea. In terms of my choices I like ‘a city, insults, and as an outsider (with the right approach) sex toys. To move on explore your ideas with advice mentioned above and reject anything that’s not working quickly – time is short in this project so anything you can do to narrow down your choices is helpful.