Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Art of Pages @Jordan

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  1. Hi Eleanor,

    Lot's of really nice pages in this so far. Character pages stand out as a nice mix of design and minimal presentation. However, there are some that feel a little muddled. Essentially, I think it may be about dialling back some design so that the work really shows.

    The thumbnail and immune system pages all look great. Just be careful about the arrangement of the assets. Don't let them get too close to the edge of the page. Give them some space to sit comfortably. I also really like the bacteria thumbnail page, I think this could be a page to follow more closely.

    The other bacteria pages are too distracting. I would get rid of the bright green background and maybe just use a dark / mid grey. The character design is full of colour, so the page will still be bold, but the green background takes away from the drawings. So, I think a simpler background would be helpful.

    I like the medieval font choices and Dark Souls-esque presentation. However, I think some pages could be dialed back to let the work sing a little more. Be careful that the font size and colour doesn't detract too much. There may be other fonts that provide the same look but give better spacing.

    Overall, a really nice start. The font weights / colour and background colour are the two big distracting features. Let the work sing and the design simply support.

    I'd love to see some of that concept art / environment work on show soon. They'd be great as full bleed pages with black backgrounds and instantly we'd get an idea of how the art book may read from section to section.