Thursday, 12 November 2015

What If? Metropolis: Creating Final Building Designs

I'm trying to combine my different building thumbnails in order to create weirder designs. I'm also changing the colour using an overlay layer to make the buildings as strange and colourful as Leigh Bowery's designs. While I like these, I feel I need to experiment with patterns, both on the buildings and the fabric.


  1. Eleanor - lovely stuff - but I want to see your film reviews updated and on here pronto. No self-sabotaging please - and if you've missed any films (and I think you have) then make sure you're watching them in your own time... no special cases, remember, just clever, skilled all-rounders with the confidence and experience to meet the challenges of every unit... sort it.

    1. Hi Phil
      Film reviews are in progress, and I plan to have them all up to date by this weekend. I'm trying to balance time between writing them and finalising ideas for Taboo so I will have all my work ready for the next OGR.

  2. Lovely eyecatching designs, I like all the ribbons that are draped around them and the use of the pink/purples. The little bubbly house is my favourite - 2c or 2d.

  3. Such pretty colours and amazing designs! :)